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Mr. Müller, how did it come about that you manufacture these products and sell them here in Bad Füssing? Tell us your story.


Müller : It's a long story, I would like to abbreviate it and start in 1986 when I was 46 years old and complained of severe pain in my left knee. As the sales director of a large Hamburg company, I had a lot to do with people whom I was allowed to accompany on their way to success. The fact that I had to move with a walker was a hindrance. This did not please the management, who asked me to somehow solve this problem. Even then, the solution was an operation and a new knee joint. One therapist, however, had a different opinion and said first to try out everything that was possible. In any case, I should plan a visit to a sulfur thermal bath, the best, he said, would be Bad Füssing.


In 1987 and in the following years I visited Therme Eins and that was a good thing, because after my first 3-week visit I felt a noticeable relief. The left knee didn't hurt so much and the fact that I was able to move around without a walker made me proud and happy.

At the beginning of 1994 I was completely pain-free, my osteoarthritis diagnosed in 1986 was gone. No more pain until today.


I haven't had my exciting job as sales director with sometimes up to 800 employees for a long time. For this I looked for a new field of activity, namely the manufacture and sale of therapy systems such as the LEDMAG1500 and the CORY3in1 for people who, like me, had to do with joint problems and were afraid of a still risky operation. It was a wonderful time, because I often got a big thank you when I could help a little with the equipment and the tip from me to definitely visit the Bad Füssing thermal baths.


In 2017, while I was retired, I looked for a domicile in Bad Füssing in the form of a shop. Mainly to sell therapeutic mattresses with a built-in magnetic field system and oscillating massage for a wonderful sleep as well as other small items. I was often asked about a muscle and joint product, and that's when I got to know what I manufacture and sell with great success today.


I felt like dealing exclusively with this product, also because now, at almost 80 years of age, I wanted to cut things short. But it didn't work that way either. I gave up the shop, bought a pavilion and placed myself where many guests could see, try out and buy my products, the adventure market and the green market in Bad Füssing as well as some other grocer's markets in the area. Today pharmacies in Germany and Austria sell physiotherapists, orthopedists and others  my highly esteemed Bad Füssinger and Rottaler products.


The result is quickly told. Today I have products and, most importantly, the recipes that the experts envy me for, which are made exclusively with sulphurous medicinal water  and many high-quality medicinal herbs are prepared. The demand is huge. Very often I get compliments, thank you and more and more reorders. So I'm happy to be able to help a little, so that an operation isn't always the only thing  Means of choice is.


Thank you for your story and we wish you good health for a long time, so that you can continue to be there for everyone.


Arthro-Medican Bad Füssing

94072 Bad Füssing

Lindenstrasse / P.O. Box 1036

Phone +49 8531-248 15 72


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